Double zero Clean cleansing is the market's first zero-drug formulations zero residue cleaning products, only two raw materials, natural food grade baking soda and coconut oil.

Environmental health materials, soluble in water, the new technology uses advanced low foaming, low bubble point, quick cleaning, zero harmful residues.

Double Zero Clean cleaning by professional highly purified, fine particles, Jie Bai Rujing, so use more savings.

Double Zero Clean cleaning Jin Jing Group is a listed company a strong push to increase strategic star product.

Shandong Haitian biological chemical co., LTD., affiliated Yu Jinjing group, extends the industrial chain, with the domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities jointly developed with baking soda and purely natural plants surfactant as

Shuangling The listed company's star product

Haitian Biological
R & D
Quality Control

Food grade baking soda and natural surfactants refined, safe and nontoxic.Coconut oil refining extraction of natural surfactants, and edible baking soda gold ratio,Decontamination more efficient, cleaner and safer.

Food-grade raw materials, toxic 0

Environmentally friendly raw materials, soluble in water, the new technology uses advanced low-foaming,

The bubble point is low, quick cleaning zero residue.

Low foam easy to wash, residual 0
A new generation of cleaner

Double Zero Clean cleaning by professional highly purified,

58 refining process, fine particles,

Jie Bai Rujing pure dry absolute value.

Purification is not watered down, to the top of a bottle with three bottles

Jin jing (group) co., LTD. (stock code: 600586), since 1904, China set up the first glass company, bear the flat glass 107 years of Chinese history and civilization. Jin jing is the glass, soda ash and the extension of product ...


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Added double zero

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